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who I am

Who I Am

As I anxiously begin my second career or retirement career, as I like to refer to it, in photography and the visual arts what excites me the most is that it comes with no pressure looming over me. I can be me traveling a road less traveled; freeing myself to create work from my heart that I believe is the real essences of extraordinary fine art imagery.

Born in Syracuse, New York in 1953, I spent most of my childhood living with my grandparents in Locke, New York, a small town in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Today, I feel blessed to have had that time with my grandparents because they are the essence of who I am and the soul of my creativity. Always wanting to tag along with my Grandfather into the woods and down to the stream, I longed to be the sportsman he was. It was my Grandfather who passing along his passion for the outdoors that enthuses me today to be one with the streams and trails of the Northeast.

Not formally educated in the arts, I am influenced by the works and ideas of people as Ansal Adams and Edward Weston, who have made lasting impressions in the world of photography. Their influence on the movement of the f64 group involving a common style of sharp, focused carefully framed images while also sharing an idea to create a modern feel to photographs that went against the current perception. Their prints were manipulated and edited in order to create an image expressing their artistic vision rather than a picture that simply record a view.

"My Pledge"
Is to provide Fine Art Prints with an archival life expectency of 200 years.
"My Story"
Creating images about not of, Creating questions not understanding, Seeking contemplation not interpretation.
"My Warranty"
I will refund or replace your purchase if not totally satisfied.

I will exchange your piece if it is to lrge or to small for its place.

I will replace my framed pieces if they ever fade.
about my photograpy

What I Am About

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